Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina Date Route Timings 2017

Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina 2017

Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina 2017 held on every year Ashada Purnima day. The Simhachalam temple giripradakshina is one of the biggest event, held every year on ashada purnima day, in which lakhs of people participate and walk around the simhachalam temple hill. The details of Simhachalam temple giri pradakshina 2017, schedule, route map and arrangements being done are as follows:

Simhachalam giripradakshina 2018  will be held on 26th July 2018. Click Here for 2018 details

Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina

Simhachalam Temple is a famous temple of Sri Varaha Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy (Lord Vishunu), located 19 Km away from Visakhapatanam located in adavivaram village, Andhrapradesh. Simhachalam Temple  is on simhachalam hill, which is 800 metres above the sea level . Two major events held every year where heavy crowd participate. These are  Chandanotsavam  and Giri Pradakshina.

Sri Varaha Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy covered with sandal and on the day of Chandanotsavam swamy gives darshan without chandanam layer on his body Swamy Nijaroopa Darshanam available on one day i.e. only on Chandanotsavam day and after Chandanotsavam again deity will be covered with sandal layers.

Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina as name says, it is walking around the simhachalam temple hill. Lakhs of people from various  villages in and around Andhrapradesh gather at Simhachalam temple foot on the purnima day and start walking around the hill via adavivaram road.

Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina 2017 Schedule and road map

Simhachalam Giri Pradakshina

Simhachalam Temple Giri Pradakshina held on Full moon day in the month of July, guru Purnima / ashada Purnima, People from all parts of Andhra pradesh, Telangana, Orissa, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka participate in the auspicious event. Giri Pradakshina is considered very sacred, auspicious event and this year it is scheduled on saturday, 8th July 2017. People from simhachalm temple foot, starts walking through adavivaram road reaches Kailasagiri hills. Most of the Devotees take bath in sea and come back via HB colony, Narasinga nagar, madhavadhara, NAD junctionn, Gopalapatnam, simhachalam.

The Simhachalam Temple Giri Pradakshina continuous in night hours also and the total distance is around 33 Kms andtakes 6 to 15 Hours depend upon the walking speed. water / Food arrangements being done by many associations/ organisations across the way. People will darshan of swamy after giripradakshina.

Simhachalam Giripradakshina Route and timings

Simhachalam GiriPradakshinaOn Ashada Purnima day, evening at 5.00 pm, Simhachalam Giripradakshina festival inaugurates by performing special Puja at Foot of the temple hill and sri. Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Charriot pulling. Most of the devotees offer coconut to swamy at the statue near the foot hill and starts walking along with the Radham. Giripradakshina continues from morning to next day morning as most of the Devotees take rest in between the way. Many organisations, trustees, apartment associations distribute food, tea, Horlicks, coffee, Ice creams, water, medicines to devotees across the way.

Giri Pradakshina starts at the foot hill of Simhachalam, via Adavivaram, Arilova, Hanumanthavaka, Kailasagiri beach road, HB Colony, Narasinganagar, Tatichetlapalem, Kancharapalem, Madhavadhara, NAD junction, Gopalapatnam and again to Simhachalam hill. The total distance of walking is around 32 Kms.

Safety rules to complete giripradakshina

  1. Devotees have to take sufficient liquids / fluids during the pradakshina.
  2. They have to take rest frequently. Massage legs, ties during the rest period.
  3. Don’t be hurry, Walk with group.
  4. Don’t carry heavy languages. Free food and water available along the way.
  5. Better to wear light weight shoes.
  6. Take medicines if required from the special first aid centers arranged on that day.
  7. Carry dry fruits, glucose etc, for instant energy.

Simhacham Temple website and call center

For more and updated information about Simhachalam temple visit Simhachalam devastanam official website or call the information call centre numbers 0891-2545511,0891-2764949 between the the time 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Simhachalam Temple Darshanam Timings